Accounting Program

If you know that you're interested in accounting and you know how much education you need, the next step you'll need to take is finding an appropriate program. While most of us were raised with the image of a traditional college campus, many can't find the time to drive over to campus for classes. Accounting is one of the few degrees that can be found on nearly every campus, with both physical and online courses. Regardless of what degree you're aiming for, college campuses are now able to work with a range of needs.

Accounting School Success Factors

Accounting requires a specific skill set to be successful in an accounting program. Successful accounting students and professionals have strong problem-solving skills, are able to identify and control risk, possess strong communication skills, and are excellent with team building.

Accounting School Curriculum

The accounting program curriculum depends on the type of degree you are pursuing. Standard accounting program courses include beginning accounting, intermediate accounting, advanced accounting, cost accounting, taxation, information systems, and auditing, in addition to accounting electives and general electives.

Accounting Program Degrees

Any accounting certification will require some amount of education. If you're someone who doesn't have a lot of time for school, you can get a low level accounting certification by simply going for an associate's degree. An associate's degree will allow you to take positions such as a book keeper or a payroll coordinator. If you want another type of accounting job, you'll need to get a Bachelor's degree in accounting. The highest tier for accounting certifications is a Master of Science degree in Professional accounting. Both the Bachelor's degree and Master's Degree will enable you to become any of the three main accountants.

Accounting Jobs

There are many types of accountants. However, most people fall into one of three categories: Certified Public Accountants (CPA's), Certified Internal Auditors (CIA's), or Certified Management Accountants (CMA's). A CPA is the most versatile certification available in terms of job opportunities. A CPA can get a job with almost any company due to their skills in financial auditing and general accounting knowledge. If being a CPA doesn't agree with you, being a CIA might. A person with a CIA certification can be found working with a business' internal books, doing appraisals, recommendations and analyses. If being a CPA or a CIA doesn't sound interesting, getting a CMA might. A person with a certification in CMA will advise a company on corporate spending, financial planning, and issues in relation to taxes. A CMA rarely works with the public; they are almost always working directly with a company.