Acquisition School

In the business world, companies need buyers and purchasing agents to acquire the resources they need to operate effectively. These buyers and purchasing agents work with vendors, negotiate prices and contracts, and manage vendor contracts and supplies. Acquisition school teaches you how to help businesses acquire the resources they need to run their operations. Students attending acquisition school acquire the knowledge needed to work with vendors and negotiate prices and contracts for materials and property.

Acquisition School Skills

Acquisition school teaches you a number of valuable skills that make you highly marketable in the business world. By attending acquisition school, you learn negotiation skills, contract pricing skills, contract law skills, acquisition law skills, business law skills, contract negotiating skills, and business management skills. All of these skills are essential in the business world and will help you excel as an acquisition specialist.

Acquisition School Specializations

Students majoring in acquisitions can specialize in a number of areas, including business administration, procurement and acquisitions, management and leadership, contracting, contract pricing, contract law, government contracting, pricing and contract integration, acquisition law, business law, negotiating, and business management. Generally, acquisition school teaches you the essentials of each of these areas of study, yet specialization in a particular area helps you to be more marketable for business in the real world, where a high degree of knowledge in a particular area is usually more desired than broad knowledge in many areas.

Acquisition School Curriculum

Acquisition school coursework involves learning a variety of disciplines related to the acquisition field. Typical acquisition school coursework includes business administration, management, contracting, procurement, acquisitions, contract law, and negotiating. An acquisition school curriculum will prepare you for the many duties you will need to fulfill as an acquisition specialist.

Acquisition School Degrees

Most students pursuing an acquisition school degree are enrolled in an Acquisition MBA program, a Master's Business Curriculum with an emphasis in Acquisition. Many online and traditional colleges offer MBA degrees with an emphasis in Acquisition.

Acquisition School Jobs

With an acquisition school degree, you will be qualified for a number of jobs involved in business management and negotiation. Acquisition school graduates often find jobs in contract negotiation, materials management, office management, vendor contract management, corporate negotiation, acquisitions specialization, and buying.