Programs in Adult Education

Education students often want to transition to a higher level to handle more mature students. You can earn a degree in adult education and go on to help many adults learning training or advance new skills for their jobs. Adult education programs are offered through the College of Education at hundreds of colleges, either as a specialization or an entire program. There are multiple programs online that teach this specialized program or you can take hands-on courses. Within the program, there are opportunities for student teaching and teaching in the field, which allows students to understand the dynamics of a continuing education program.

Continuing Education Program Curriculum

Courses are designed to teach students about educating adults in different fields, such as English as a second language or teaching certificate programs for those who need on-the-job training. Other programs center around health education, emergency medical services, athletics coaching, corporate training and basic education. Many graduates in adult education learn how to give individuals an opportunity for growth in a career. Students also must prepare to handle one-on-one and full classes. Degree-seekers will learn how to operate a classroom and lead discussions on topics as well as lectures.

Degrees in Adult Education

Many students seeking a degree in adult education start out as regular education students, earning an associate's degree or bachelor's degree in education, then taking graduate studies to specialize in a field that helps continuing education classrooms. These degrees allow students to study adult learning theories and successfully plan lessons for adult learners after graduating. Degree programs focus on teaching the basics of adult education, methods of instruction, understanding classroom technologies and assigning projects.

Jobs for Adult Education Graduates

Graduates in adult education go on to enjoy teaching jobs in adult literacy and remedial education, who teach adults and youths out-of-school the basic skills of reading, writing, English language and problem-solving skills. However, there are three categories of jobs in this field: adult basic education, adult secondary education and English literacy instruction. Other jobs are specialized and require training in computers or healthcare field to apply as a teacher to the right program.