Adult Education School

For many adults who are in dire need of learning a new trade or new skills, adult education school allows them to receive an advanced education while still attending to duties at work and home. Adult education school is designed to teach adults any number of disciplines to help them get better acclimated to a new culture, obtain skills to be eligible for better, higher paying work, or simply to get the education they were never able to receive out of high school. Since most adults have responsibilities to work and raise children and don't have the luxury of devoting much of their free time to school, adult education school is the resource they need to get a higher education.

Adult Education School Campuses

Although some adult education schools are placed within traditional college campuses, many adult education schools are made to be more convenient to the working adult. Adult education can take place in the workplace, through extension or continuing education courses at high schools, as well as community colleges and lifelong learning centers. In addition, numerous adult education programs are now available online.

Adult Education School Differences

Adult education school differs from traditional school in several ways. Since adults have accumulated knowledge, work experience or military service, adult education is able to expand on those experiences to enhance the learning process. In addition, since most adult education is voluntary, adult education students are generally better motivated.

Adult Education School Curriculum

Students at adult education schools can take any number of courses that are normally offered at traditional colleges. Most commonly, adult education students take courses that will help them advance in their field of work, such as computer training, or help them adapt to a new culture, such as English as a Second Language (ESL), which trains foreign-language speakers to speak functional English. Choosing an adult education school curriculum depends on your own life circumstances and what you want to achieve with adult education.

Adult Education School Degrees

Students in adult education schools can receive any number of degrees and enroll in numerous degree programs. People commonly receive two-year associate degrees which often suffice in getting them the necessary training to advance in a company or get a better job. Adult education students can also earn bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, and doctorate degrees. Also, adult education students can choose between earning a degree from a traditional institution or earning an online degree from a remote accredited college or university.

Adult Education School Jobs

Adult education schools prepare adults for advancement in their existing jobs or professions or to become eligible for new jobs or professions. With an advanced education from an adult education school, you will be better prepared for the demands of your job and will become more competitive for jobs in other fields. For this reason, millions of people every year enroll in adult education school and make themselves more marketable in the workplace.