Alabama Colleges and Universities

While the famous Ivy League schools might have planted their flags up north, that doesn't mean that a great education can't be had down south. The colleges and universities located in Alabama are a perfect example of how higher education can flourish anywhere with the right amount of dedication and commitment. Right now, you could choose from 100 different Alabama colleges including at least a dozen 4 year state universities. When it comes to community colleges, Alabama has 25 campuses spread across the state. All of this means earning a degree in Alabama has never been easier.

Alabama Degree Options

With regard to ranking, the University of Alabama at Huntsville has place in the top 50 of state universities according to US News & World Report. Other state universities include Auburn, Jacksonville State and Troy. Actually, Troy has the most to offer in terms of number of campuses with facilities in Montgomery, Dothan and Phoenix City. If you're interested in private universities then you could check out Samford, University of Mobil, Spring Hill or Talladega College. And yes, that would be the same Talladega made famous by its world renowned Talladega Superspeedway.

When it comes to picking your education path, you can earn a degree in Alabama just like you would in any other state. There is a wide array of 2 year career training courses in addition to the traditional master's degree programs. The courses offering to anyone enrolling in college in Alabama run the gambit between holistic theology to cosmetology. What's your preference? You're sure to find a program waiting for you at an Alabama college.

Alabama Career Paths

If going where no one has gone before is your thing, then over at the Alabama Space Coast you can sign up for courses taught through the Huntsville Space Center. This can set up for earning degrees in aerospace, aeronautical or astronautical engineering. One of the biggest growth areas for employment is the healthcare industry. You'll find degrees in nursing being offered at many Alabama colleges. You'll also be able to obtain a Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurse Training degree that will open the door for many job healthcare opportunities. If you want to move on to a career as a doctor then the medical school programs at the University of Alabama-Birmingham or the University of South Alabama is the way to go.

As for the doors opening on Wall Street, a business or finance degree from such prestigious Alabama schools as Samford, Auburn or the University of Alabama is a solid option.

Along with the actual campus life experience, you can also achieve earn degrees from an Alabama college through a number of online degree programs. This means you can live in Texas and learn from Alabama! Find out more today.