Alaska Colleges and Universities

Heading north to Alaska means you’ll be trading in a warmer climate for the cold. What you’ll be getting in return is breathtaking scenery, long nights and, of course, the splendor of the Northern Lights. Alaska is our country’s largest state by land mass, but one of the smallest when it comes to the numbers of colleges it has available. That doesn’t mean you can’t get a still get a great education. In fact, every one of Alaska’s private and state run campuses have received accolade and accommodations from many reputable organizations the lower 48! In the popular city Anchorage, you can enroll at the University of Alaska or the Alaska Pacific University. In fact, there are University of Alaska campuses spread out across the state in the capitol Juneau, Fairbanks, Sitka and the “Salmon Capitol of the World” Ketchikan where you can catch as much salmon as you can eat!

Alaska Degree Options

Speaking of those accolades, Alaska Pacific University has been ranked by US News and World Report as one of the Top Master’s Level Universities in the west. When you consider the competition from UCLA, USC and Pepperdine, that’s a pretty good title to have. Not only can you earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree from those colleges, but Alaska has many opportunities for career training and certificate programs. The Alaska Vocational Technical Center and the Ilisagvik College are tribal run institutes promoting Inupiat culture, but all are welcome.

Once you settle in for a stay at an Alaskan college, you might find it hard to get around the rest of the state. There is simply just too much ground to cover. Because of that, the Alaska college system has adapted to online learning for its residents. Now they can get the benefits of a degree without having to dog sled between campuses. Of course distance learning isn’t just for the locals. Anyone with access to the internet can take full advantage of these programs. Basically this means you can earn a degree from Alaska without ever making a snowball.

Alaska Career Paths

After being awarded a diploma, many Alaskan grads decide to stick around for gainful careers. They find plenty of opportunities in the urban centers of Anchorage and Fairbanks. This is where most residents will travel to seek medical care and where many grads can find work in the healthcare industry such as becoming a pharmacist, nurse or working in medical administration. Because of the rich tourist industry, Alaska colleges also offer up degree programs in culinary arts, tourism, hotel management and food services. And with Alaska comes wildlife which means even more career options in the field of ecology, marine biology, environmental studies and oceanography. Alaska might be a challenge for some, but for many they wouldn’t want to live anywhere else!