Animation Degree

If you are looking for a really fun and well-paying profession, Animation just might be the best bet for you. Working in animation will allow you to create an array of media including video games, PC games, videos, web pages, movies, and so much more. Some of the most popular and loved movies of all time have been attracting professional animators, movies like Star Wars, WALL-E and Finding NEMO just to name a few. Over time as technology has evolved more and more media outlets and businesses are looking for people like you with a degree in Animation.

Animation Degree Success Factors

One of the biggest success factors in becoming an animator is to be creative. You are also going to be spending a lot of time on one project, so it's important that you like tedious work and that you don't get bored with something quickly. Above and beyond you should have past experience in hand drawn animation, model or stop frame animation or computer animation or CGI for your profession. You will also need to have specific work-skills such as teamwork, the ability to take direction without being told what to do, able to stand deadlines without losing quality, and be able to manage yourself, others, time and projects accordingly.

Animation Degree Majors

In the UK alone, animators make up for 4700 people. In the US, the Labor Department says that in the next few years the percentage of jobs needed and thus the number of people working in Animation will rise by 16%. While it seems like just about anyone can start doing Animation, most of the businesses and companies across the globe will require you to have not only skills, but a degree in this profession as well. They believe that education is the foundation to animation. Even if you think you know everything you possibly can, chances are you are missing some of the key elements when it comes to your animation major.

Animation Degree Curriculum

Animation courses typically included in your curriculum are Animation Production, Computer Visualization and Animation, Animation Direction, Animation, Computer Animation, among others.

Animation Degrees

Before obtaining a career in this profession, you need an education degree. A Bachelor in animation will help teach you about the most basic techniques used in this industry. It will also help narrow down what field you should get your specific degree in. While getting your degree, you will also be allowed to take a variety of elective courses of your choice.

Animation Jobs

Specific job positions in animation include; Art Manager, Web Developer, 2D Layout/Workbook Artist, Senior 3D Motion Designer - 3D Modeling/Animation, Graphic Designer, World Builder/Environment Artist. If you decide to go another route and work for yourself as a freelancer or start your own company, there are still an array of opportunities available to you. Just make sure you have a good portfolio to work with, and if your degree is in something like web design that your actual website looks professional.