Animation Program

Animation is no longer just cartoons. One only has to go to the movie theatre to see the advances in computer animation technology. We all enjoy and wonder about the design of characters in movies such as Avatar, Star Wars and Finding Nemo, and video games are more life-like than ever before. Online programs in animation prepare students for a career in video game animation, web pages, motion pictures and more. Students will learn to interact with clients, work in a team environment and create characters and story boards. A career in animation allows one to bring ideas and stories to life on the big screen, on the web or in a video game.

Animation Program Success Factors

To succeed in an animation program one needs to be a team player, have strong presentation skills and have an outgoing personality in order to work directly with clients. A student should have an eye for detail, a creative mind and be able to adapt to new programs and technology quickly.

Animation Program Majors

There are several majors within this field. Some of them include video game design, web design and media art. A major in graphic design is also an option.

Animation Program Curriculum

An interesting variety of courses are components of this program. Core classes in physics, psychology and laws of human motion are taught and applied to 2D or 3 D animated characters. Traditional drawing and art history is taught as well. Depending on the area of emphasis that the student in majoring in, classes in computer animation, gaming animation and visual effects are offered. Students also study computer aided software and multimedia classes.

Degrees in Animation

Degrees are given in animation, media arts, and visual effects. A student can earn an Associate Degree or a Bachelor Degree in Animation and Visual Effects. A Master Degree in this major is also a possibility for those desiring to continue their education beyond a four year degree. A Bachelor Degree in Game Art is awarded in this program as well.

Animation Jobs

A job in animation is an exciting, creative and ever-changing career. Graduates can find jobs in production studios, video game companies, and architectural design firms. Corporate positions in marketing and media are options as well. Further, jobs in advertising, software publishing and computer systems design are career possibilities. The highest paying animation jobs are in the District of Columbia, California, and New York.