Arizona Colleges and Universities

Known as the desert state, Arizona offers up an amazing range of scenic backdrops. There is also equally amazing variety of colleges in the form of over 150 post-secondary campuses. The two major state universities, Arizona State – Downtown Phoenix and the University of Arizona have been consistently ranked as among the Best Colleges in the Southwest. Not too shabby indeed! Also on the list of prominent state Universities is Northern Arizona U and Phoenix College.

Entering into the realm of Arizona community colleges could have you picking from one of the 10 campuses that make up the Maricopa Community College system. These campuses have also earned a proud place in the list of 10 Best Community Colleges. You'll find these campuses spread out among the cities of Phoenix, Scottsdale, Yuma, and Glendale. Sixty miles north of Mexico is Tucson and at the northern border is Flagstaff: both of these cities have wonderful college opportunities.

Arizona Degree Options

Not only can you count the temperature degrees, but when you enroll in a college in Arizona you'll be counting all kinds of degree options from AA to BA to Ph.D. Outside of the traditional campuses and online degree opportunities there are also career training degrees that can be awarded in Arizona. The Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Avondale has a 2 year program which will have you taking apart and putting back together a Harley in no time. For those who prefer to have their hands covered in sugar instead of motor grease, the Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Scottsdale can have you whipping up delectable treats and full course meals. There is also another benefit from the idyllic desert terrain: it's perfect for flying. You can get your pilot's license through several colleges that offer a certificate program. One popular site for this is the Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott. So whether you want to ride, cook or fly, you can earn a degree in Arizona.

When you enroll in a College in Arizona, you don't necessarily have to show up for classes, at least not in the traditional sense. Arizona colleges and universities provide many of their students with the option of online or distance learning. The only difference between the credits you get online versus in the classroom it really a matter of environment. You'll be learning the same!

Arizona Career Paths

Much of the focus in the job sector is on the health and medical services industry. There is a special need with providing health for the many Native American reservations located throughout the state. Arizona colleges have you covered there as well. Those interested in the rewarding career of nursing can find programs at the Chamberlain College of Nursing at Phoenix.

Another area of projected growth is in the tourism business. Arizona colleges have a vast array of degrees for Tourism and Travel Management and Hospitality and Restaurant Management. You can't go wrong studying for a career in that field in such a perfect setting as Arizona.