Associate Degrees in Adult Education

You can earn an associate degree in adult education and get started on a teaching career in adult education. Associate degree graduates earn a degree in less time and may go on to transfer into four-year colleges for a bachelor's degree. The associate degree offers the introductory courses necessary to learning about classroom instruction and understanding adult education learners, specifically how to teach remedial subjects. You can teach in a variety of subjects by going into this field and broaden your job prospects within the teaching field.

Places to Find Adult Education Courses

Many community colleges and universities offer adult education programs for associate degrees. These colleges also may provide a strictly online curriculum, where you can take all of your courses and submit assignments without needing to go into the classroom. The associate degree program at a college gives you hands-on training for future instruction in adult education, so you can assist adults in earning a certificate or understanding the basic skills necessary for their careers.

Differences in Associate Degree Programs

There are different types of programs within the adult education program. You can take classes for adult basic education, adult secondary education or English literary instruction. For adult basic education, you will learn how to teach basic skills for math, science, languages, history, reading, writing and other areas. Adult secondary education is for those who wish to earn a General Educational Development (GED) certificate or high school equivalency. Lastly, students may need to learn to speak more fluently or understand English better for an interpreter career. Adult education students can teach students how to use the English language more proficiently.

Understanding a Degree Curriculum

The associate degree program is usually a two-year survey of courses in adult education instruction. Many students can finish this degree in less time and receive the same number of credits towards a transfer for a bachelor's degree. The program is designed to go over all topics in adult learning and leading a classroom for adults. Students can choose an online program that is shorter than a program at a community college and receive the same training.

Jobs for Associate Degrees

If you earn an associate degree in adult education, you can supplement another degree to open up a field in teaching adult learners. Associate degree earners go on to transferring to a higher college, as you need at least a bachelor's degree to secure a career in an education field. Colleges also offer master degrees and graduate certificates in adult education or ESOL to allow students to instruct adult educational programs.