Associate Degrees In Computer Animation

Perhaps when you think of computer animation, you think of big-budget animated features from companies like Dreamworks. Yet the fact is, computer animation is used in quite a number of industries for anything from cartoons to industrials to commercials. As a result, the business of computer animation is booming. An associate degree in computer animation provides students with basic conceptual and technical skills needed to enter the field of computer animation. An associate degree in computer animation is a two-year degree that qualifies you for an entry-level position in computer animation or can be used as a steppingstone to a more advanced degree in computer animation.

Associate Degree In Computer Animation Skills

When you earn an associate degree in computer animation, you will learn many valuable skills that will make you marketable in the computer animation field. You learn form, line, color, texture, patterns, balance, harmony, rhythm, emphasis/focus, proportion contrast, production techniques, visual elements, character, story, and scale. You develop techniques for drawing the human form, expression, perspective and other fundamentals and learn the principles of good character modeling and computer animation. You organize, implement and produce storyboards and scripts for computer animation. And you complete storyboards, scripts and group projects and learn techniques of hand-drawn computer animation, pencil tests and character development.

Associate Degree In Computer Animation Curriculum

The courses you take while earning an associate degree in computer animation include game art, special effects computer animation, 3D computer animation, character development, storyboarding, drawing, modeling, digital video and professional post-production techniques, industry-standard hardware and software, and 2D computer animation.

Computer Animation Jobs

Computer animation jobs usually require an advanced degree in computer animation, yet you may qualify for entry-level jobs in computer animation by earning an associate degree in computer animation. At the very least, you will gain a good foundation for pursuing an advanced degree. Typical computer animation careers include assistant/associate/junior producer, asset manager, 3D lighting artist, character rigger, 3D animator, 3D environment modeler, 3D prop modeler, texture artist, game level designer, 2D/3D scripter, composite artist, 2D animator, Flash/web animator, concept artist, illustrator, motion graphics technician, and 3D character modeler.