Associate Degrees in Computer Technology

There are very few aspects of modern life that don't involve a computer of some kind. Computers have become the heart and soul of our society. As a result, people who have command of computer technology tend to maintain the best job outlook and advance more quickly in their field. An associate degree in computer technology teaches all aspects of computing technology, from selecting, creating, applying, integrating and administering computing technologies. This includes software development, computer networking, web technologies, computer security, database management and digital media technologies. An associate degree in computer technology is a two-year degree that qualifies you for an entry-level position in computer technology or can be used as a steppingstone to a more advanced degree in computer technology.

Associate Degree in Computer Technology Success Factors

Earning an associate degree in computer technology requires that you have excellent skills in problem solving and communication and are interested in computer technology and meeting the needs of users.

Associate Degree in Computer Technology Tracks

When you pursue an associate degree in computer technology, there are numerous tracks available to you, including networking, software application development, and database management. You can also concentrate your studies within each major, including focusing on web technologies, computer networking, database technology, software development and digital media.

Associate Degree in Computer Technology Curriculum

The courses you take when earning an associate degree in computer technology include computer networking, database management, general studies, liberal arts, software development, web development, digital media, mathematics, science and writing.

Computer Technology Jobs

Most jobs in computer technology require an advanced degree, yet an associate degree in computer technology may qualify you for entry-level jobs in the field. The good news is, the U.S. Department of Labor Computer estimates that technology careers will lead all other careers in projected job growth in this decade, as there are computer technology jobs available in organizations of all sizes in all industries. Typical computer technology jobs include network administrator/manager, system administrator, software developer, programmer, web developer, help center analyst, internet engineer, IT consultant, business systems consultant, implementation engineer and OS analyst.