Associate Degrees in Education Administration

Educating students involves a lot more than just teachers. Every educational institution from pre-school to college has a team of education administrators who handle many of the operational duties of a school. So if you'd like to work in education but maybe don't want to be a teacher, a career in education administration may be just the option for you. An associate degree in education administration teaches you all the major aspects of a career in education administration, from designing tests and curricula to enforcing disciplinary action to dealing with the personalities of parents and students. An associate degree in education administration is a two-year degree that qualifies you for an entry-level position in education administration or can be used as a steppingstone to a more advanced degree in education administration.

Associate Degree in Education Administration Success Factors

Earning an associate degree in education administration requires that you are able to work efficiently by yourself but can collaborate well with others, can communicate effectively to people of all ages, are very meticulous, have a superior attention to detail, are very knowledgeable in many areas, have a strong propensity to learn, are always curious of discovering new ideas are patient and understanding and can work well under pressure.

Associate Degree in Education Administration Skills

When you earn an associate degree in education administration, you will learn many skills that are essential to success in the field of education administration, including the ability to select and evaluate standardized tests, design a curriculum, oversee athletic schools, create and enforce disciplinary measures, connect with parents, faculty, and students, and coordinate activities within a school system.

Associate Degree in Education Administration Curriculum

The courses you take while earning an associate degree in education administration include multicultural topics, research in education, administration and personnel supervision, administrative theory, public relations, curriculum planning and development, public policy and law, ethics, and financial management.

Education Administration Jobs

Most education administration jobs require advanced degrees, and many school systems require you to have a certain amount of prior teaching experience. Most states also require their school principals to obtain licenses as school administrators. Yet an associate degree in education administration may qualify you for an entry-level job in the field and will certainly prepare you to pursue an advanced degree. Educational administrators hold positions as curriculum coordinators, administrators at post-secondary schools, community education directors, business managers, and school system superintendents. Most education administrators work for state and local governments while others are employed by private institutions.