Associate Degrees in English & Writing

Just about every aspect of personal relationships and careers depends on being able to properly communicate verbally and in writing. So the command of English and writing is critical to everyone's success in life, which is why English & writing is really one of the most practical degrees you can earn. An associate degree in English & writing teaches you the essentials of the English language and how to use the written word to succeed in many contexts, from creative writing, to advertising copywriting, to business communications.

Associate Degree in English & Writing Skills

When you earn an associate degree in English & writing, you will learn a number of skills necessary to become a successful writer, including command of the English language, understanding of professional writing media, use of appropriate style and tone, ability to write for technical fields, ability to write explanatory articles that make complex concepts understandable to the common person.

Associate Degree in English & Writing Specializations

While you earn an associate degree in English & writing, you will be able to specialize in any number of areas, including multimedia, magazine, newspaper, proposal and grant writing. Specializing in one of these areas will help you become more marketable for your particular chosen profession.

Associate Degree in English & Writing Curriculum

The courses you take while earning an associate degree in English & writings include grammar, style, rhetoric, internet writing, composition, technical writing, writer's editing, professional business writing, communication of logic and argumentation.

English & Writing Jobs

Most jobs involving strong English & writing skills require an advanced degree, yet an associate degree in English & writing may qualify you for entry-level work. There are multitudes of jobs available to professional writers in many areas, including technical, grants and proposal, speech, specifications, medical, legal, corporate, research, marketing, reporter, financial, sports and business. Typical writing jobs include grant and proposal writers, speech writers, technical writers, medical writers, and web writers.