Associate Degrees in Fashion

Are you interested in the fashion world and want to know more? Do you have innovative design ideas and are seeking an outlet? Are you able to adapt to a changing work environment? An Associate Degree in Fashion may be what you are looking for. This promising degree can provide a strong foundation for you to launch your career and provide you with valuable skills to expand your knowledge of the fashion world.

Associate Degrees in Fashion Curriculum

An Associate Degree in Fashion provides a platform for expanding a threshold of design. There is also emphasis on discussions about markets and buying. Consumer trends are explained in order to better understand the retail world. Not only is an Associate Degree in fashion geared toward opening students up creatively, it also provides smart information about the retail aspect once you have gone beyond creation. Students working together and independently provides students with the opportunity to study not only work of the greats but also each other. It is also important for students to be exposed to fashion history and how it has evolved over a length of time. This provides the student with a diverse backdrop for creative inspiration and tools to think critically about fashion and how it can be interpreted. This degree is key element that acts as building blocks in way of a career in fashion.

Associate Degrees in Fashion Jobs

With a degree in fashion you can get quite a few jobs. If you groom yourself well enough, the opportunities are endless. Fashion designer positions are available for persons looking to work with general trends in fashion or someone who has a specific focus in retail or certain design. Consultant jobs are also available. You can assist individuals, photographers, and models with fashion dos and don'ts. Assistant Fashion designer is a position that may be obtained to learn more about the field and work with someone that has more experience. Patternmaker is someone that invents patterns for clothing with different textures and colors. The focus is on the cloth used in fashion and how it influences the design of clothing. Design room assistant is a gopher for the design area. Being a gopher and doing odd and end jobs can expose you to various elements of fashion that you may never experience in any other circumstance. The world of fashion can open up many doorways in which you can supply others with your knowledge of coloring, patterns, and fashion history.