Associate Degrees in Graphic Design

An Associate Graphic design is a form of communication that is put out by means of illustration, photography, and animation. Graphic designers are in charge of the process of designing the form of communicate as well as the form of which it is generated. Whether it is in a magazine, on TV, or on a billboard the designer is in complete control of how to engage with the targeted audience. Being able to conjure up creative ideas for various forms of communication is key when pursuing any degree in graphic design. If you have a knack for creatively portraying visual solutions then an Associate Degree in graphic design may be the outlet you are look for to produce your innovative work. The program is focused on skill building coupled with natural creative talent.

Associate Degrees in Graphic Design Curriculum

Normally graduates from an Associate in Graphic Design program attend a two-year program and then serve as assistant's to graphic designers. This is a good time to consume as much information as possible about the field and gain experience that will allow you to grow as a designer. Usually with this level of qualification the graduate will focus primarily on the technical aspect of graphic design and less on pushing their creativity on a project. This is more of a time to develop an understanding so you can promote your creativity in the best way. Some of the coursework for graphic design includes introduction to programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Quark. These programs are beneficial and teaching the student ways to edit their work quickly and efficiently. It also is an introduction to valuable tools that can transform the designers work in ways that are normally impossible. Once coursework is completed students should be able to produce sketches and drawings by hand or computer. This coursework is the starting point for students to delve deeper into understanding graphic design.

Associate Degrees in Graphic Design Jobs

The income for graphic designers with an Associate Degree in Graphic Design is difficult to estimate. Depending on location and level of experience greatly determines the rate of which you will be paid. Some designers specialize in typography, visual arts or page layout. It is ideal that graphic designers have a good understanding of each of these elements. There are many opportunities to extend the boundaries of income by gaining experience and furthering your education. Income is subject to your area of focus, where you live, and what elements you have familiarized yourself with. Graphic Design is a field that is continuing to prosper. The field is expected to continue to grow offering more entry-level positions through 2014. The most ideal places of graphic designers to seek work are in magazines, newspapers and books. There is also a need for graphic design online creating logos and brands for websites. The field will be competitive during this time because it is a popular area of interest for many people.