Associate Degrees in Multimedia Design

Do you have an eye for design? Are you interested in digital creations? Do you like to stay on top of the latest technology and computer programs? An Associate Degree in Multimedia Design opens the doorway to digital imaging, internet programming, and illustration, providing a solid foundation in multimedia design.

Associate Degrees in Multimedia Design Skills

The coursework for an Associate Degree in Multimedia Design emphasizes the use of technology in the field of design. Upon completion of the coursework, a student will obtain many skills that will ensure their ability to have a promising future. Some of the skills that will be taught to the student are: the construction of digital content like web pages, digital video, and computer made illustrations. There is a high level of importance involved in building a multimedia portfolio while achieving an Associate Degree in multimedia. Students are encouraged to gain experience by learning from each other while using the most up to date technology. Understanding computer applications and keeping up to speed with the language of technology is a requirement in this program. The overall goal is for students to have a solid base for the concept of design and how to use the tools of technology to help them gain that knowledge.

Associate Degrees in Multimedia Design Curriculum

Coursework for this area of study focuses primarily on technology. Introduction to Multimedia Design is a course offered to give students a dose of what the field is truly about. Internet programming provides students with the skills to understand the various concepts of internet programs. Digital Animation provides students with the tools to construct animation with technological outlets. Illustration is a course that teaches students how to prepare for drawings and sketches both by hand and with the aid of computers. The courses available to students offer students a good understanding of multimedia as well as the proper way to use the tools that can aid them to produce quality work

Associate Degrees in Multimedia Design Jobs

An Associate Degree in Multimedia Design will provide a foundation for entry-level positions within the design field. The typical careers that are chosen by multimedia students as mentioned are graphic designers, multimedia artists and illustrators. Once a student is prepared to enter the world of multimedia design, there are many pathways that can be followed. Many graduates opt to be graphic designers. This area focuses primarily on communicating with a certain group of people through design with an emphasis on image. Multimedia Design artists focus on design as well but tend to have a stronger focus in technology based design with a strong coursework background in computer programs and applications. Illustrator is another common career path of graduates in this program. Illustrators focus mainly on drawings and sketches created both by freehand or with the assistance of a computer program.