Associate Degrees in Photography

Despite all the changes in technology, photographers are experiencing career opportunities like never before. Digital photography has made the process of photography much less expensive and faster to publication. As a result, it literally takes seconds between point & click and worldwide dissemination. Photographers are needed for everything from live events, to breaking news, to commercial production. So the market for expert photographers is growing. If you're looking to pursue a career in photography, an associate degree in photography is a great way to start. An associate degree in photography teaches you the art and business of photography so that you can launch a successful career as a photographer. An associate degree in photography is a two-year degree that qualifies you for an entry-level position in photography or can be used as a steppingstone to a more advanced degree in photography.

Associate Degree in Photography Success Factors

Earning an associate degree in photography requires that you are an excellent communicator, can relate to a variety of personality types, understand the business side of design as well as the creative, are artistic and creative, excel at conceptualization and execution, work efficiently alone and can collaborate with a team.

Associate Degree in Photography Specializations

While you earn an associate degree in photography, you can specialize in a particular type of photography to match your career aspirations, including photojournalism, commercial photography and contemporary fine art photography, and portrait photography.

Associate Degree in Photography Curriculum

The courses you take while earning an associate degree in photography include essentials of digital photographic hardware and software, lighting, composition, liberal arts, sciences, basic camera skills, exposure, lighting, and black & white photography.

Photography Jobs

Most jobs in photography require an advanced degree, yet an associate degree in photography may qualify you for entry-level work in the field. A portfolio is the most important consideration for an employer when making hiring decisions, although an associate degree in photography does help you to cultivate your skills and build a portfolio to make yourself more marketable. People who graduate with an associate degree in photography are typically self employed and work contract jobs for a variety of companies and industries. Typical careers in photography include event photography for weddings, religious ceremonies, or graduations, as well as fine art photography, commercial photography, photojournalism, and portrait photography.