Associate Degrees in Social Sciences

Students who want to go into a four-year school often take classes at a community college with a program that is suitable for transition into a higher degree. The associate of science degree in social sciences prepares students to pursue a baccalaureate program in sociology, economics, history, anthropology and psychology. Students take a variety of related courses and also complete general education requirements. Tuition is usually less expensive and it takes a shorter period of time to earn an AS degree in social sciences.

Associate Degree in Social Sciences

Earning a associate degree in social sciences allows students to study in different humanities and civilization subjects, such as the history of American architecture, human geography, macroeconomics, state and local government or introduction to psychology. Electives and coursework is up to the student, deciding which end of the spectrum is best to study to specialize in social sciences.

Specializations in Social Sciences

If a student plans on studying geology, he may choose to into geography during a social science program. He could also choose to go into the medical field, in which introduction to psychology or child development is also a specialization that one can pick in a social sciences curriculum. Other courses that may be appealing for a social sciences student include adulthood and aging, abnormal psychology, sociology topics, world history and contemporary civilization.

Other Degrees in Social Sciences

Students who take courses in social sciences may also study sociology or psychology as a major. These are healthcare-focused and lead up to medical school after a baccalaureate program. Students may also want to go into a political or writing career, in which English, history, political science or legal studies are also pertinent to understanding social sciences.

Social Science Jobs

The jobs vary greatly in the field of social science. For one, many study anthropology, or the study of human growth and culture. Others will go on to study sociology, or the study of society. There are also political careers and lawyers, who want to understand more about the behavior of people and also apply that to a legal career. Social sciences is a very beneficial degree to earn since it has so many applications in various fields.