Associate Degrees in Video Game Design

An Associate Degree in Video Game Design offers artistic people with a passion for video game design and development to build their skill and expose them to various types of design style. The program offers a platform for a sturdy foundation in digital game design focusing on design process, animation, and ever changing gaming technology. The skills obtained in these areas ensure that graduates have a clear understanding of what field of game design they should focus on. If you possess the passion to learn and develop you game design skills then an Associate Degree in Video Game Design is the path for you to follow.

Associate Degrees in Video Game Design Curriculum

If you think the concept of designing games is drastically less serious and challenging than other degrees, you are mistaken. An Associate Degree in Video Game Design is just as challenging as any other degree available. The objective of the courses is to give graduates the proper tools to be successful along their career path. The coursework for this program teaches students the skills to make it in the competitive and popular field of video game design. While it is a competitive field, achievements are attainable through hard work and time management. Some of the areas of focus include: game theory, game mechanics, and programming. The game designer has complete control over the plot, story line, and the characters. The choice of animation color and graphics is also determined by the designer. Some of the elements of coursework include: problem solving, gaming production, programming design, and gaming preproduction. The workload involved in game design is time consuming and at times difficult so the program should be taken seriously.

Associate Degrees in Video Game Design Jobs

Graduates with an Associate Degree in Video Game Design have many opportunities for employment. The most popular job to obtain post graduation is video game designer. That is what most graduates enter the field to do, however, there are other job titles that can be sought. They can seek positions in newly founded companies or invest in their own company depending on where work is available. There can be sole focus on design, programming, expertise, or testing. With the world of game design always changing and transforming the opportunities are abundant.