Aviation Degree

Aviation degrees teach students the skills necessary for employment in fields of air transportation and aviation. General degrees in aviation can be earned, while more specific degrees related to aviation management, technology, or science can also be studied. Air transportation has become a societal norm, and the field is continuing to expand at an exciting pace. A degree in aviation can prepare individuals to do such things as pilot an aircraft, control dispatch communications, oversee flight operations, and perform necessary maintenance tasks on aircrafts.

Aviation Degree Success Factors

A career in the field of aviation requires you to know how to keep aircrafts in working order. This being said, mechanical skills are necessary in this field of study. You will also likely be working with, or be in charge of, a group of people. You should be able to work well in a team, with good leadership skills, for you may be overseeing flight operations. Communication will be vital to this field of study, so skills in communication are essential. A strong grasp on mathematics and organization qualities are also important.

Aviation Degree Majors

Aviation degrees offer a fairly narrow variety of majors to choose from, as the field of aviation has only several broad aspects of it. General majors in aviation are offered, as well as aviation technology, aviation science, and aviation management for more specialized educational majors in the field of study.

Aviation Degree Curriculum

While it varies depending on the specific degree, general courses taken in aviation include computer science, economics, environmental science, statistics, air traffic control, aviation safety, business administration, federal aviation regulations, flight theory, and meteorology.

Aviation Degrees

Degrees offer a few different types of degrees in aviation. General Aviation degrees are available, as either a Bachelor's in Aviation or as a Master's in Aviation. Alternatively, students can choose more specific aviation programs, such as a Bachelor's in Aviation Management, Bachelor's in Aviation Technology, and Bachelor's or Master's in Aviation Science.

Aviation Jobs

Once your degree in aviation is completed, there are several career choices in the field to choose from. Students go on to become pilots, air traffic controllers, flight instructors, airline managers, dispatchers, and jobs in aircraft maintenance. The industry is expanding. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the industry provides approximately 500,000 jobs.