Aviation Program

If you were one of those kids who couldn't keep your head out of the clouds, felt a longing to fly, or make something take flight, an aviation program is just the ticket you need. An aviation program works in two different ways: it helps those who want to fly as well as those who want to make things that can fly. While the idea of creating or helping create something that can fly may sound intimidating, think about this: an aviation degree is only one step above an auto mechanics degree. If you already have a foothold in understanding cars, you're almost halfway there.

Aviation Program Curriculum

Whether you're training to fly or are simply going to be working on the planes, there are a number of areas that you will cover in your education. Students who want to learn to fly will learn about the instrument panels in the planes, how to handle emergencies, and do training with flight simulators. For those who want to stay on the ground, your training will focus on the interior of the plane, from the engine mechanics and parts to the outside body of the plane.

Aviation Program Degrees

If you've always wanted that college diploma on the wall but thought that it was a flight of fancy, think again. You can earn an associate's degree, a bachelor's degree, or go even further and get your master's degree. By choosing a two year associate's aviation degree, the number of jobs that will be available will be more limited, however, there are many jobs available in the aviation field that don't need four years of programming. However, if you want to avoid limitations, you may want to go with a Bachelor's degree. There are many different bachelor degrees available for aviation: from a Bachelor's of Science degree to a Bachelor of Arts in Aviation Management.

Aviation Jobs

There are many jobs besides being a pilot that are available to someone with an aviation degree. You can become an aviation manager and handle the daily operations at your airport or another small independent airstrip. For most people though, becoming a pilot is the only reason they want an aviation degree. Flying the skies on a daily basis is something that many people in aviation can't resist. Lucky for them, a job as a licensed pilot can make them happy both in personal happiness and in wealth.