Bachelor's Degrees in Education

If you're looking for a stable career, you need to look no further than the field of education. As the population grows, society needs an increasing number of quality educators to educate our youth and prepare the leaders of tomorrow. If you'd like to pursue a career in education, a bachelor's degree in education teaches you to broaden your knowledge in a variety of subjects like English, history and science in order to prepare you for whatever advanced degree and career you end up choosing. A bachelor's degree in education is a four-year degree that qualifies you for entry-level to mid-level work as an educator or can be used as a steppingstone to a graduate degree in education.

Bachelor's Degree in Education Success Factors

Earning a bachelor's degree in education requires that you have a strong propensity to learn, are always curious of discovering new ideas, are patient and understanding, can work well under pressure, communicate effectively to people of all ages, are very meticulous, have a superior attention to detail, are very knowledgeable in many areas, are able to work efficiently by yourself but must also collaborate well with others.

Bachelor's Degree in Education Skills

When you pursue a bachelor's degree in education, you will learn a number of skills that will help you in your advanced education and career, including building confidence, becoming well-versed in many fields, overcoming your fear of public speaking, strengthening your learning skills, and improving your study habits, research abilities and writing skills.

Bachelor's Degree in Education Specializations

While you're earning a bachelor's degree in education, you will be able to specialize in a number of fields, including special education and physical education. Special education teaches you to work with special needs children, while physical education teaches you coaching, sports instruction and general fitness for children.

Bachelor's Degree in Education Curriculum

The courses you take when earning a bachelor's degree in education include English composition, humanities, public speaking, developmental psychology, geography, astronomy, mathematics, computers, personal health & wellness, earth science, music appreciation, art history, theatre/film, history, and general psychology.

Education Jobs

A bachelor's degree in education is typically the minimum educational requirement for work in the field of education. Educators typically work in schools at all levels, community organizations, corporations that educate or produce educational materials, and governments.