Bachelor's Degrees in EKG Tech

Perhaps you'd really like to work hands-on with patients in a healthcare environment, but you don't have the resources to pursue a medical degree. Instead, you're looking for a practical career in healthcare that requires less time but still provides the stability and fulfillment of other healthcare careers. One good career choice is EKG tech. EKG technicians work with heart patients and performs electrocardiograms. An EKG technician is typically one of the first people to deal with patients who have had chest pain or experienced signs and symptoms of cardiac problems. A bachelor's degree in EKG tech trains you on all the equipment and principles associated with the EKG tech trade. A bachelor's degree in EKG tech is a four-year degree that qualifies you as an EKG technician or can be used as a steppingstone to a graduate degree in medicine.

Bachelor's Degree in EKG Tech Success Factors

Earning a bachelor's degree in EKG tech requires that you display a great deal of patience and compassion, are strong in the sciences, are very analytically-minded, maintain calm under pressure, can manage many tasks at once, can communicate well to all kinds of people, and are very direct and clear in the way you communicate.

Bachelor's Degree in EKG Tech Specializations

When earning a bachelor's degree in EKG tech, you'll be able to specialize in a particular area in order to match your career aspiration, including invasive cardiovascular, noninvasive vascular technology, noninvasive cardiovascular, and a number of others.

Bachelor's Degree in EKG Tech Curriculum

The courses you take when earning a bachelor's degree in EKG tech include medical billing, medical transcription, phlebotomy, laboratory assisting, medical ethics, CPR, first aid, medical equipment, medical terminology, patient safety, as well as general academic courses.

EKG Technician Jobs

A bachelor's degree in EKG tech meets the educational requirements for work in the field of EKG tech. EKG technicians find work in emergency rooms, private physician's offices, and hospital-based cardiology clinics. Cardiology clinics and private practices hire EKG technicians to help diagnose and monitor cardiac problems in patients. Companies that provide pre-employment physicals can also hire graduates of Bachelor's degree in EKG tech.