Bachelor's Degrees in Public Relations

Public relations have become an important way for companies to control how the public perceives them. Through crafty public relations campaigns, companies are able to improve their image and boost sales and profits. As the PR industry has boomed, so have job opportunities in public relations. If you'd like to pursue a career in PR, you'll need a degree, and a bachelor's degree in public relations provides a great foundation. A bachelor's degree in public relations teaches you how to craft organizational messages involving media, community, consumer, industry, and governmental communications, including managing speaking engagements, preparing speeches and talking points, acting as an intermediary between the public and your employer, drafting press releases, and interacting with media. A bachelor's degree in public relations is a four-year degree that qualifies you for entry-level to mid-level work in public relations or can be used as a steppingstone to a more advanced degree in public relations.

Bachelor's Degree in Public Relations Success Factors

Earning a bachelor's degree in public relations requires that you are an excellent communicator, possess superior written and verbal communications skills, are creative and artistic, can collaborate well with team members to execute the vision of leadership, are detail-oriented, and enjoy problem solving.

Bachelor's Degree in Public Relations Curriculum

The courses you take while earning a bachelor's degree in public relations include advanced communication, fine arts, natural sciences, literature, diversity & culture, effective English composition, quantitative reasoning, historical perspectives, social & ethical issues, rhetorical theory, communication theory, public speaking, interpersonal communication, social sciences, humanities, and foreign languages.

Public Relations Jobs

A bachelor's degree in public relations is typically the minimum educational requirement for work in the field of public relations. Bachelor's degree in public relations graduates work as advocates for a variety of organizations, including businesses, nonprofits, universities, and hospitals, with petroleum and coal products manufacturing companies typically paying the highest median salary. People who graduate with a bachelor's degree in public relations find an ever-expanding job market in public relations as multimedia communications become paramount in organizations around the world.