Bachelor's Degrees in Video Game Arts

Think of all the countless hours you've spent playing video games. If nothing else, you've learned a great deal about what makes a great video game and you probably have your own ideas about new video games. Now it's time to transform your video game playing into a lucrative career. If you love video games and would like to make a career out of it, now is a great time to launch a video game career. A bachelor's degree in video game arts is designed to introduce you to all the major aspects of video game design so that you can pursue a successful career in video game arts. A bachelor's degree in video game arts is a four-year degree that qualifies you for entry-level to mid-level work in video game arts or can be used as a steppingstone to a more advanced degree in video game arts. Video game arts students typically start with any art, design theory or design-focused degree, and are generally expected to earn an advanced degree from design school, with hands-on experience and a strong interest in electronic gaming.

Bachelor's Degree in Video Game Arts Success Factors

Earning a bachelor's degree in video game arts requires that you possess design skills, computer expertise, strong creativity, artistic talent, and problem-solving abilities, and are able to work efficiently alone as well as collaborate effectively with a team.

Bachelor's Degree in Video Game Arts Specializations

While you earn a bachelor's degree in video game arts, you can specialize in a particular area of video game arts to match you career aspirations, including programming, visual artistry, design, sound design and production management.

Bachelor's Degree in Video Game Arts Curriculum

Typical bachelor's degree in video game arts courses include sound design, testing and quality assurance, interactive design, production, software engineering, video and special effects, art and graphics, animation, editorial and storyline writing, and video game business. The courses you take while earning a bachelor's degree in video game arts are designed to train you in the art and business of arcade games, video games, PC games, and handheld systems, as well as basic art and design skills, designing game play and background, creating characters and environments, modeling, lighting, texturizing, palette integrity, and interfacing. You will learn industry-standard software programs such as Illustrator, Painter, Adobe Photoshop, 3D studio Max and Maya.

Video Game Arts Jobs

A bachelor's degree in video game arts is typically the minimum educational requirement for work in the field of video game arts. Typical video game arts careers include programmers, directors, visual artists, sound and production specialists, designers, lead and junior artists, and art technicians. They typically find jobs with video game publishers and studios. The video game industry is a booming business, offering a growing number of job opportunities to people who graduate with a bachelor's degree in video game arts.