ESL / Bilingual / TESOL Program

With an increasing amount of globalization in communications and industry, the need to bridge the language gap among cultures is as important as ever. For that reason, there is a high demand for qualified professionals who can teach the English language to people from around the world. An ESL / Bilingual / TESOL program teaches you all the important tools to become qualified in teaching English as a second language. So take a moment now and find the right ESL / Bilingual / TESOL program for you.

ESL / Bilingual / TESOL Program Success Factors

Successful ESL / Bilingual / TESOL professionals typically possess a firm understanding of how the English language is used to communicate, including how the language is structured. are patient, considerate, able to work with others, possess good problem-solving capabilities, have the ability to think quickly, and possess good organizational skills.

ESL / Bilingual / TESOL Program Skills

When you take a program in ESL / Bilingual / TESOL, you will learn many skills necessary for success in the field, including fluency in the English language, refined skills in second language acquisition, language pedagogy, methodology, materials development, assessment and evaluation, curriculum and syllabus design, and cross-cultural communication.

ESL / Bilingual / TESOL Program Curriculum

ESL / Bilingual / TESOL programs offer a curriculum that best prepares you for your profession in teaching English as a second language. ESL / Bilingual / TESOL program courses typically include Fundamentals of Linguistics for ESL Teachers, Methods and Materials for Teaching ESL / Bilingual / TESOL, Cross-Cultural Communication, Second-Language Acquisition, Teaching Pronunciation as a Communicative Skill, Grammar Fundamentals for ESL Teachers, and Practicum in Course Design for ESL/EFL Teachers.

ESL / Bilingual / TESOL Program Degrees

In order to teach ESL / Bilingual / TESOL, most learning institutions require instructors to have a bachelor's degree, teaching license and a specialized certificate in ESL. Teaching at the community college level requires either a Master of Arts in Teaching ESL / Bilingual / TESOL or a Master of Arts in a related field and the TESL certificate. All courses in the Certificate Program in Teaching ESL / Bilingual / TESOL can usually be applied toward a Master of Arts degree with TESL emphasis. Certificate programs in Teaching ESL / Bilingual / TESOL are available for native speakers of English who want to teach ESL primarily at the community college or adult level, for teachers who wish to demonstrate additional competencies in ESL, and for anyone seeking to teach English in other countries.

ESL / Bilingual / TESOL Jobs

ESL / Bilingual / TESOL educators work all over the world in fields of business, travel, and education. They are employed in countries where English is spoken primarily as a foreign language as well as in countries where English is the dominant language. ESL / Bilingual / TESOL teachers work with immigrants and refugees at all levels of the education system, including adult education. Educators who specialize in ESL or TESOL have the ability to work in any country where English is an asset, making for a versatile and often exciting career filled with travel opportunities.