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Most Recent Posts

A New Study from MIT Shows Exactly How You Act When Taking an Online Class

There have been many behavioral studies performed on what an in-class experience is like, ranging from students’ attention spans to the body language a professor uses and how effective it is.

Why Going to the Gym Could Increase Your GPA

College students are under a lot of pressure to perform at the top of their potential, and look for anything (safe) that can give them an edge. Typically, this includes study groups, tutoring and making the library their second home. But what if we told you there was another way of boosting your GPA? You shouldn’t necessarily give up your other study habits, but rather make room for a new one: heading to the gym.

7 Most Useful Master’s Degrees

Many students go on to achieve a Master’s degree because they love learning and want to do it at an even more in-depth level. Graduate degrees, especially the Master’s, offers that by training you to becoming a near-expert in a specific field by doing your own unique research