A Career As a Virtual Assistant Careers

A virtual assistant is a professional that may do a variety of tasks online for different clients and organizations. Ranging from graphic design and creative services to administrative support and customer service, you can work from home, create your own schedule, and build a successful business. Many virtual assistants own their own virtual assistant company where you work for different organizations, while others work for a virtual assistant company as an employee on contract.

Types of Virtual Assistants

Administrative and Clerical -

The first and most popular category of virtual assistants is working in the clerical and administrative field. In this profession, you will perform a wide variety of tasks for your clients including sending outgoing calls or receiving incoming calls, managing their online portfolios, spreadsheets, or doing data entry. You might also send correspondence with their business email account, handle customer service phone calls, help complete important paperwork, or do other administrative tasks that are completed online.

SEO Assistant

- A virtual assistant working as an SEO assistant needs to be experienced with the practices of search engine optimization (SEO). SEO assistants are handling the marketing side f things for their clients, such as managing blogs or websites and informing them what SEO keywords will be most beneficial. Some of the tasks you may do for your client are website optimization, competition analysis, keyword research, forum participation, domain registration, building links, submission services, and content marketing.


- Another popular job you can do as a virtual assistant is provide writing services. As a writing virtual assistant, you may write anything from SEO website pages to increase page rank for a website, to managing a client's blog on a full time basis. Writing may be paid per project, per page, or per word. Prices vary based on the type of writing you do, who you're working for, what their deadline is, and how much research is involved.

How do Virtual Assistants Conduct Business?

A variety of details should be taken into consideration when figuring out exactly how virtual assistants spend their day. First of all, your environment at home needs to be quiet and allow for ample productivity. You're most likely working in your own home and you need a quiet space that is free of distractions. Next, you will spend a good of your time marketing your business and looking for clients. You can find clients either by posting ads for your services, using SEO on your own website to draw customers to you, or bidding on sites like Elance.com or Guru.com.

How Much Can I earn?

The subject of pay is a common question when it comes to being a virtual assistant, but unfortunately there is no straight answer. This is because each job varies and you will most likely get paid for each project. For example, you could get paid $20 for each blog post you submit in which the client needs just 5 a week, or you could provide administrative work and get paid hourly once a week. It really depends on the type of work you're doing and how much you're asking for each project.

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