A Second Bachelor’s May Be More Beneficial than a Master’s

Students and recent graduates are always looking for ways to combat the job market. They look for ways to ensure they will have a job when they graduate. The problem is that many students and recent graduates find out their degree may not be enough. In this case, the option of graduate school may not bring the best job or even a high paying job. Students are now looking towards options such as a second Bachelor's degree.

Why a Second Bachelor's Degree?

A second Bachelor's degree opens the doors to further options within a particular field. For example, if a student majors in Business Administration they may find an overabundance of graduates already seeking jobs in a small job market. However, choosing a specific area of concentration, such as medical office management, paralegal studies or real estate will offer a whole new world of job opportunities. The combined degrees will show the student is available to handle not only the administrative portion of a job, but also the specifics of the job niche.

How Long Does a Second Bachelor's Degree Take to Complete?

The completion time is another benefit to obtaining a second Bachelor's rather than proceeding to graduate school. A second Bachelor's degree may only take two additional semesters, as it is considered by most universities to be a double major. The core classes are already completed, leaving only those classes dealing specifically with the additional Bachelor's program. In cases where the two degrees are within the same department, the time for completion can take as little as an additional 18 hour course load.

Is a Second Bachelor's Degree Financially the Best Choice?

Depending on the line of work the student is seeking, the second Bachelor's degree may be the best financial option overall. The core goal is to receive a college education that allows the graduate to obtain a job in their field. Since so many fields are overly saturated with graduates or have cut back on hiring, having a specialized second degree can open doors for the student and ensure a higher income. With a second Bachelor's degree a student may be looking at as little as an additional semester or one year in order to complete the program. This is considerably less than a student facing increased costs of graduate school, at least two years of graduate study and the possibility of still not obtaining a higher paying job in their field.

The choice to obtain a second Bachelor's degree over continuing to graduate school is a choice only the student can make. However, in today's economy the choice can lead to better financial and career opportunities. Various majors have found that a single degree in a broad topic may not be enough. Combining that degree with a specialized topic within the same field, however, shows dedication the field and the ability to work within the field as a career option. The student incurs less overall debt and enters the workforce quickly with a higher guaranteed percentage of obtaining work.

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