Advantages of Living on Campus

As you finish up your first year of college, you might be wondering if you should live on campus next year or get a place with some friends off campus. There are some definite advantages to having your own place, as long as you know well the people you will be living with or are able to afford living on your own. You do not want the added stress of paying bills on top of your school work and job.

Having More room

Let's face it, dorm rooms are small and you really cannot have much as far as personal belongings. If you like to express yourself with decorations and furnishings, it is much easier to do it in your own place and not in the dorms. If you need a big bed to sleep comfortably, you won't be fitting one in a dorm room, but can have one in an apartment.

Choosing Your Roommates

While a college will do its best to make sure you have a roommate you can live with, it does not always work out that way. Even after your first year, when you know more people and have made friends, there is the chance you end up with someone you just do not like living with and that is no fun.


It is hard to get any privacy when you live in a dorm room. Even if your roommate is out of town, people are always running up and down the halls and knocking on your door asking for something. While it can be nice for the first year, you may want a bit more peace and quiet and privacy after that. You will be able to study much easier and not worry about the noise level bothering you.

Keep Your own Hours

When you live in the dorm, you have to be in by a certain time. While exceptions can be made for work or other things you need to take care of, for the most part, you have a curfew. If you like to keep late hours or plan on being out late frequently, it would be best for you to have an apartment where you have no restrictions.

Guests and Visitors

You will not be allowed to have your younger sister who has come to visit stay with you when you are in the dorms. When you live off campus, you can have anyone you want come and stay for as long as they like. This is great if you know friends and family will be coming to see you a lot. And the gender will not matter either. There can be restrictions on people of the opposite gender in your room passed a certain hour.

Living on campus can be fun and exciting but it can also be a lot of hassle. If you are sure you can afford it, living off campus is just another step toward growing up.

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