Blog Search Results: October 2013

Why Getting a Degree is Still Worth It

Tuition keeps going up, aid packages keep going down, and steady, middle-class jobs are harder than ever to secure. The question then becomes: does getting a degree actually pay off?

Where Does a Degree Figure in College Sports?

If you’re one of the select few who play one of America’s four major sports at the Division I level, it can be tempting to focus all your energy on athletics instead of school. But does the promise of pro-sports millions overtake the importance of education? Where should the balance between sports and athletics lie?

U.S. College Tuition Price Increase are Slowing

Paying for your college education has never been easy, but recent reports in the news are good: tuition increases are slowing.

Most Overrated Degrees of 2013

There’s always a lot of news about what constitutes a great degree, but what about degrees that may not be worth it in the end?

Why the Government Shutdown Doesn’t Mean a Thing to Students

Words like “furlough”, shutdown” and “non-essential” have been flashed around so much, the media looks like a disco. But to paraphrase from real estate, it’s all about timing, timing, timing.

5 Things that Won’t Affect Students During the Government Shutdown

With all the doom and gloom the media has been propagating about the government shutdown, there are a few effects that college and university students won’t feel

Protecting Yourself Against Online College Degree Rip-Offs

The internet is a great source of information. You could research, connect with friends and relatives, shop for various things, and you could even finish or earn an online college degree.