Blog Search Results: December 2013

Best and Worst of American Colleges and Universities in 2013

With 2013 just about at a close, here’s a look back at the highs and lows of being a student at one of America’s colleges or universities.</

Studying Abroad Helps Students Become More Enriched

Heading to a different city, country or continent for a semester or a year isn’t just a way for students to take a break from college life, it’s what they’re doing to get ahead. Here’s how.

How Can College Be More Affordable?

The debate over how financially accessible college is in today’s age continues, with Inside Higher Ed, Gallup and US News presenting a dichotomy of views.

American Schools and Foreign Partnerships

The New York Times recently ran an article talking about cultural divides when American colleges and universities enter into partnerships with Asian academic institutions. But how much should one country’s ideals remain in another’s halfway around the world?

Pell Grants the Real Barrier between Poor Families and College Educations

Recently, both Slate and the New York Times ran pieces criticizing the Pell Grant program as being “not nearly enough to cover college costs for any of its recipients”, making it “impossible for [students] to graduate on time.”

Program Encourages Native American Students to Enroll at South Dakota Colleges

Minorities are unfortunately still being marginalized, but a new program started by the South Dakota Board of Regents has been started to help Native Americans become university students.

How to Manage Stress During Exam Week

With exams just around the corner, managing stress is one of the most important ingredients in doing well. Here are the top tips for getting by.