Blog Search Results: February 2013

Ways to Save for a Degree

As the cost of college tuition continues to rise, prospective students and parents need to find ways to save for a college degree. The sooner you get started, the more you will have when it comes time to start paying for college.

Checklist for Seniors Entering College

If you are a high school senior getting ready to go off to college next fall, you need to start a list of things to get done and make sure you do them or things will be crazy at the last minute.

Unnecessary College Expenses

When you go off to college, you are going to have to be in charge of your expenses. You may be used to having things while living with your parents you just cannot afford now that you are on your own

Alternatives for 4 Year Degrees

It is not always feasible for everyone to go to a university and get a 4 year degree any more. The cost of schooling can be prohibitive.

Advantages of Living on Campus

As you finish up your first year of college, you might be wondering if you should live on campus next year or get a place with some friends off campus.