Blog Search Results: March 2013

Rating MOOCs

Although many educators haven’t determined what they think of free online classes provided to the public, there are many students and Silicon Valley developers which believe they have.

What is a GPS Navigation Degree?

A GPS Navigation degree is the same type of degree as a Geographic Information System (GIS) degree.

SDSU Now Offering Master’s Degree for Military

South Dakota State University is now offering a master’s degree that is specifically aimed at helping military personnel, veterans, and their spouses and families.

Online Courses Make College Level Learning More Convenient

The free online classes, also known as MOOC or massive open online classes, are becoming the new rage for many individuals.

Types of Paralegal Studies

There are many law firms which now specialize in specific subsets of the law; as a result, there are many different types of paralegal studies and specializations which can be considered when you are pursuing your paralegal degree program.

More Affordable Bachelor’s Degrees

A new challenge from billionaire Bill Gates to make college more affordable for students is beginning to catch on with many governors who are eager to stop the spiraling tuition costs and ever growing amount of student debt.

Top Demanded Certificate Programs

Individuals who are seeking a way to stay financially afloat within the recession are often looking for ways that they can improve their salary and financial situation within their profession.

Clinical Nursing Degree

Individuals who are interested in becoming a paralegal can now refer to a variety of different options provided be online paralegal schools. These programs can allow you to earn your paralegal certificate within a period of around seven months.

Career Certificate Programs

If you are seeking to add a boost to your career, enrolling in a career certificate program can be one of the best improvements that you can make.