Blog Search Results: June 2013

UW Joins Online Platforms For Free Courses

University of Washington has recently joined some of the platforms to be able to provide free MOOCs to the public.

The Company Rethinking Education

With middle skill jobs lagging, workers need to adapt in order to be relevant. As occupations continue to evolve, ongoing training shifts from a luxury into a necessity.

One of the common myths of college in America is that it has been an escape plan; a way of getting through enough books, exams, and late night stress in order to end up with a degree and a ticket into the upper middle class.

Online Courses Reaching Turning Point, May Scare Colleges

It has been said that colleges around the country should be concerned; the quality of online courses is greatly improving and is catching up to traditional classes faster than expected.

Advantages and Considerations of Doctorate Degree Plans

A doctoral degree is an ideal option for preparing you for your academic career, especially if you are interested in teaching. If you plan on working within your major but it is outside of the field of academia, then you may not need to pursue a doctoral degree.

Bachelor Degree Types

There are two different types of bachelor's degrees, known as the bachelor of arts and the bachelor of science learn which one is right for you.

Criminal Justice Education Requirement Considerations

The amount of time that it takes to start your career in criminal justice generally varies from less than a year to over a decade, depending on the type of career that you want to pursue.

Educational Options in Criminal Justice Certificates

If you determine that you are interested in pursuing criminal justice but you don't want to work towards earning a full degree, you might want to consider enrolling in some of the available criminal justice certificate programs.

Differences in Associates Degree Options for New Students

There are three different types of associate's degrees: associate of arts, associate of science, and associate of applied science which one is right for you?