Blog Search Results: August 2013

What is Uniform Credit Transfer?

Maine is struggling by having a major lack of college graduates. They hold the nation’s low for number of their adult population being college education, and part of that is due to the high cost of education.

Survey Shows Improvement in Job Market For Journalism Grads

New information suggests that the job market for journalism and mass communication graduates have shown signs of continued improvement in 2012 and 2013.

What is the Pay it Forward Pay Back College Program?

It seems like all news stories about education these days are in regards to the high cost of tuition. Students are afraid of getting loans and then having to pay them off for the next 10, 15 or 20 years of their life

Should You Consider Earning Your Graduate Degree?

Although there are many careers that offer a large amount of job opportunities for those who have an undergraduate degree, there are also many jobs that require advanced degrees.

Three Reasons Skill Gaps Occur for Military

Approximately 39 percent of people 25 years and younger are unemployed; but what about military veterans? After serving for the military, they have received their fair share of education, training and skills. But they don’t always transfer to jobs as civilians.

Scholarships to Pay For College: Myth or Realty?

One of the most commonly recommended options for paying for college education is found in the use of scholarships. Scholarships can be awarded to you by almost any organization that has a provision for them.

Online Master Degree Focusing on Certified Teachers

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette has announced a new program. It may be able to help teachers discover their niche working as instructional specialists.

Are Debt Free College Educations Possible?

The decision about whether or not to go to college is continuing to become more of a debatable topic.

Working Towards A Bachelors Degree

Almost three years after California lawmakers had approved reforms to provide students studying at community colleges with a streamlined method to attend California State University campuse


Loans are the most common method that is used to pay for college tuition. It has been reported that student loans are so popular, the country has around $1 trillion dollars of debt associated with these federal loans.

Keeping Updated With Your Financial Aid

Although you may have applied for financial aid and gotten approved, do you know if your financial aid file is completely in order?

Distance College Degrees Receive Focus

Distance college degree programs, such as online courses, are becoming more popular as students look for alternative means of education.

Decreasing the Time You Spend on Your Degree

On average, people spend between four and six years on their college degree. This includes time spent in community college or a four-year university and doesn’t include students who require 6-8 year educations.