Blog Search Results: September 2013

How To Avoid Diploma Mills when Pursuing Online Degrees

Online college degrees are definitely the easiest and most so far most convenient way to take college courses especially for people who do not have the advantage, resources, and time to complete tertiary education.

How To Apply for an Online Degree Program

Finishing a college degree could definitely help a person secure employment, retain and even get promoted in his current job.

Ways to Use a Pre-Med Degree Before Graduate School

A premed degree is a great degree option for several reasons. Of course the most obvious option is that you obtain a premed degree in order to get into med school.

How to Make a Business Administration Job Work for You

A business administration degree is considered a basic business degree. In fact, there are some people who view business administration degrees as a general knowledge business degree that does not have a place in current career outlooks.

How to Make $45,000 a year with a creative writing degree.

You've seen the websites talking about making millions as creative writer. You have dreams of writing your own novel and seeing it on the shelves at Barnes & Noble and Books A Million.

Using Your Art Degree on Bidding Sites to Build a Portfolio

If you're an art degree graduate, art student, or a graduate student in the art field there is a great way to use bidding sites to build your portfolio.