Blog Search Results: February 2014

Sam The Student: Going Abroad

Even now, in college, I’m at a state school and living at home because it’s so close. And it sounds silly, but I’m nervous about flaming out once I get there, and then feeling homesick all the time when it’s supposed to be half-school, half-adventure.

Charitable Donations In Record Numbers at U.S. Colleges

U.S. colleges and universities have set a new record in charitable donations, as the Council for Aid to Education reports the amount spiked 9% to bring it up to $33.8 billion and past the high of $31.6 billion set in 2009.

Tennessee, Oregon to Introduce Bills for Free Community College

It’s no secret that post-secondary education in the United States can be extremely expensive, but lawmakers in Oregon and Tennessee are trying to change that with bills that would make community college free for state high school grads.

Sam the Student: Skipping Class and Asking for Notes

There’s this girl in my class who doesn’t come about half the time, and then she always asks me for my notes. I’m tired of giving her my notes, especially because I make the effort to come to class all the time. What do I say to her to make her stop?

Sam The Student: Dropping a Class

How do you know when to drop a class?