Blog Search Results: March 2014

Sam the Student: Obligations to Self and Family

One of my dreams when starting college was to spend a semester or year abroad because I just love traveling. I can’t even explain I have the draw to it, but it sparks something inside of me and makes me feel like myself. Problem?

Women Studies Major By Day, Porn Starlet By Night

Recently, a student at Duke University was outed by a classmate as having performed in pornographic films to pay for her tuition. She dismissed the classmate’s actions, saying it was her own private choice and she would have like to have kept it that way. But should university students work in the sex industry to earn a degree?

College Becomes a Little More Affordable in Washington State

College has been called everything from a necessary component of the American dream to the great unleveler, but it almost doesn’t matter to foreign students. No matter if they come from England or Eritrea, they’re subject to sky-high tuition under the “international” label. Tennessee and Oregon wanted to change that, and now Washington is following suit.

Off or On Campus Housing

I chose this week’s letters because they so similarly mirrored each other, with one student wanting to move onto campus and the other interested in the opposite