Blog Search Results: April 2014

3 Reasons You Should Return to College Even if You Have Student Loans

There are still good reasons to go back to college, even if you owe money from the first time you went.

Colleges Grappling with Sexual Assault Problem

From coast to coast and border to border, sexual assaults are a problem at our colleges and universities. They happen far too often and the perpetrators escape punishment more frequently than should be allowed, and there’s a “blame the victim” mentality that pervades the crime.

Where do All the College-Educated People Live in the Country?

An interesting article recently ran in The Atlantic Cities, outlining the segregation of college-educated graduates. The thinking is, “smart” people will congregate beside other “smart” people, but there’s segregation within those communities. Let’s take a look.

Sam the Student: Getting Set to Head Off to College

I’m starting to get offers of admission from the colleges that I applied to (along with a few rejections, too), and I’ve narrowed down my choice to three: one’s an Ivy League college, another’s a state school, and the third is a big-name one that’s one state over.