Certifications For At-Home Employment

Work from home careers, freelance careers and contracted careers are becoming a rapidly growing field. This rapid growth is in response to economic and employment issues as well as companies closing their branch offices. For many individuals, the idea of working at home may seem like a pipedream however there are several at-home career fields that can be quite profitable. The following are four career fields and work from home industries and the certifications that are required for these career choices.

Medical Billing and Coding

Medical billing and coding is a very profitable at-home employment option. For individuals who have worked in health care and in medical business offices the option of medical billing and coding may be the perfect fit. In order to work from home as a medical billing and coding professional an individual would need to obtain a certification as well as pass the national certification exam. A certification course can be taken online through correspondence work and is easily obtained within eight months or less. It should be noted that a medical billing and coding certification is only the educational background required for the student to sit for and pass the national certification exams. Though many medical companies require two or more years of experience, there are some companies that will hire new graduates from home.


Medical, legal and business transcriptions make up the vast majority of at-home employment careers. In order for an individual to obtain a job in medical, legal or business transcription they must have a background in the field as well as the proper training for transcription. Medical transcription courses, legal transcription courses and business transcription courses are offered on certificate basis through correspondence and select online learning programs. Much like their medical billing and coding counterparts, the transcription certification courses are merely to offer the educational background necessary for the student to pass national certification tests. It should be noted that some students may feel they can skip the certification. This is not true. A student must have the education to properly pass and sit for the national certification tests. These national certification tests are often required for medical transcription and legal transcription positions. Certification courses take less than eight months to complete.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant is the title given to individuals who offer administrative services to clients online. A virtual assistant may conduct customer service representative tasks, administrative tasks such as light transcription and billing, collections and other administrative tasks normally conducted with in a business office. A virtual assistant may also offer content for web pages or specialized services such as bookkeeping, payroll and web design services. There are various certifications available for virtual assistant that are conducted online and take one to eight months to complete.

Social Media

Social media management is a growing field for at-home entrepreneurs and individuals seeking at home careers. Social media consists of various types of media management, marketing and tasks. A social media manager may handle sites such as Facebook, Twitter and various other social platforms. A social media manager may also handle the marketing that is required to bring in new readers to the site. There are several certifications that can be obtained online for social media marketing, management and other career relevant options. A social media certification can take as little as four days and as long as one year to complete.

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