DETC Considerations

One of the most common accreditations seen with online higher learning, collegiate, certificate and career diploma institutions is DETC. This form of accreditation is common though it may have troublesome issues for some students. However, despite the troublesome issues some students may have other students may find that this type of accreditation suits their academic goals and does not offer any potential problems. Here are a few considerations for college students looking at his online schools with the DETC accreditation.


There are some concerns with students that there will be trouble transferring credits from a university with this type of accreditation. The truth is that some accredited schools do not view the DETC accreditation as valid. This is a hurdle for students who may be considering transferring during their Bachelors degree or who would be obtaining an Associates degree online and transferring the credits into a Bachelors program. However, for students who will not be transferring credits either at the end of an Associates degree or during a Bachelors program this is not a concern.

DETC Recognition

The DETC accreditation is approved and recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation and the United States Department of Education. This means that the DETC is a legitimate agency and the accreditation held through DETC is also legitimate. This is a benefit for students who are seeking a college level or higher education level degree or career diploma from an accredited institution. This is only a disadvantage, again for students who are considering transferring credits after an Associates degree or during a Bachelors degree program.


Many online schools that offer DETC accreditation as their only accrediting organization may have a different curriculum set up than other online universities. For example, a university that is accredited with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools will run on a quarter system or a semester system. In contrast, an online university that offers DETC is it only accrediting organization without benefit of another association such as the Southern Association of colleges and schools, will offer a curriculum based on a personalized schedule. For example, a student may choose to go through a college such as Penn foster. Penn foster is accredited through the DETC. Penn foster also offers certificates, career diplomas, Associates and Bachelors degrees. A student attending a Penn foster program will be able to work through the program at their own pace and receive their related certification or diploma when all outstanding tuition fees have been met.

Tuition and Feee

Tuition and fees through a DETC accredited online learning institution may be considerably lower than with a college or university under other accreditations. Penn foster, Ashworth and other similar universities may offer monthly payment plans that will make tuition easier on their students. A student may anticipate paying $1500 per semester for 15 to 18 credit hours. This is opposed to a tuition that is double or triple that amount at other universities. This is a huge benefit for students on a budget who need to obtain a college degree and may be able to afford to pay on a monthly basis as opposed to paying a lump sum fee for the semester.

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