Discounted Online Nursing Degrees from Chamberlain College of Nursing

The Chicago-based nursing school that has a central base in Ohio, Chamberlain College, is discounting its nursing degree tuition for online students, as part of a partnership with the American Nurses Association. The news was recently released after American Nurses Association decided to help nursing students who are attending school by partnering with the renowned nursing school in Downers Grove.

Chamberlain College of Nursing is discounting tuition by 10 percent for students who are members of the American Nurses Association and who are studying online as part of the bachelor's degree program for registered nurses as well as for its online master's degree program. Students can sign up to become a member through the American Nurses Association website and apply for the discounted tuition through Chamberlain College directly.

In addition, Chamberlain is waiving all application and transcript fees for students who are also members of the ANA. Students who want to get into the online bachelor's program must already have an associate's degree from an accredited college.

The total tuition for the bachelor's degree program is listed at $27,739, and the master's degree program has an annual cost of $23,400. There are approximately 11,000 students at Chamberlain, including the online students, but a spokeswoman for the school said that the school does not disclose numbers for specific campuses. Chamberlain also has a Columbus chapter at the local campus for Devry, which is its corporate owner.

Students who enroll in the online program have access to accelerated learning programs and earn the bachelor's degree in three semesters and the master's degree in two years, as shown by the degree path listed on Chamberlain's website. The college and the association are trying to aid the call for more nurses that hold a baccalaureate degree by 2020 from the Institute of Medicine. About half of the nurses hold a bachelor's degree, according to Maria Weston, the CEO of American Nurses Association.

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