Fall into the Gap or Not: Gap Year Programs After Graduation

Not sure what you're doing in between undergrad and graduate school? There's a program for that, and it's available for working adults too. Whether you already have an internship lined up or you're working at a summer job that you hate, there may be a better option, something that will actually help you in your industry that you want to work and not waste your time in between school. These are structured gap year programs (also called interim programs) that allow you to teach English anywhere in the world or volunteer with businesses in another country. Some gap year programs last for a year, others just for a few weeks, and there's plenty of different areas of interests just in case your own are varied. Take a look at some of these ideas for post-graduate programs.

The Center for Interim Programs

Founded in 1980, the Center for Interim Programs provides gap year opportunities to over 5,700 people of various ages and for a variety of organizations across the globe. In fact the database at the Center provides over 5,600 programs across the world. The organization also works with your education, interests and personality to find the best working position and placement, wherever you're needed. The programs are also available for individuals who want to work at home but still work with individuals all over the world. You can find opportunities working with technology, art, kids, social services, skills training, animals and academics. Programs last anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 years. See more at the Center for Interim Programs, LLC.

Global Routes 

Global Routes was founded in 1986 as a non-government, non-sectarian organization. The program originally started in Kenya and offered community service opportunities. Now, the program offers all kinds of opportunities for students to work with different rural and urban communities across the world. Most of the programs involve teaching in foreign countries, such as Costa Rica, Africa and the Andes. Programs last about two months and high school students are also welcome to take advantage of the gap year programs. Check out some adult programs from Global Routes.

Global Volunteer Network

The Global Volunteer Network has opportunities in every part of the globe for those students who want to work in their industry but also help needy communities. Whether you want to work in Asia, Africa, the Americas, New Zealand or Peru, there are places around the world that need qualified educators and helping hands. Some of the projects focus solely on teaching, while others need new online technology, and others are specifically for healthcare and childcare. See more at the Global Volunteer Network.

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