Four New BS Degrees from Capella Online University

BusinessWire recently talked about the four new programs being unveiled at Capella University, an online accredited college with a history of providing high quality degree programs for working adults. The new BS degrees are actually minors in the accredited online Bachelor of Science in Information Technology department. The new minors will focus on network technology in CISCO and Microsoft, as well as system development in mobile and web applications. Capella University has always given students plenty of options in information technology. These new minors only focus more on specializations that will allow students to get further ahead in a career beyond graduation.

These skills are some of the most in-demand in the IT industry, according to Feranda Williamson, EdD, dean of Capella's School of Undergraduate Studies. "Although we have offered coursework in these areas before, we have redesigned the content to include additional hands-on, interactive learning activities that will help our students gain skills they can apply immediately on the job."

The new skills developed in these classes are meant to also help students focus more on the options that will develop them for professional careers and handling the duties and tasks assigned to them on the job. Network technology minors will also help students prepare for the necessary certification exams in Cisco and Microsoft. The Cisco minor actually follows the professional certification standards, which allows students to earn an IT degree and be able to pass the certification exam simultaneously.

The new system development minors are focused on in-demand Web and mobile application skills. These are currently some of the most in-demand skills in IT. The skills learned in these minors allow students to work alongside real-world scenarios and translate their skills into work-ready projects. Both of these minors really accentuates evaluating, designing, planning, and managing applications in a variety of applications, from single user to complex enterprises.

In addition, there are special topics courses in web application that will also look at implementing media, application services, databases, and servlets, using programming languages like .Net, Java, JavaScript, AJAX, HTML, and SQL to develop web sites, applications, web services and other web technologies for personal and business use.

Capella is also offering $2,100 in Learner Success Grants for students interested in these new minor programs. Students must be new enrollees, beginning a Capella bachelor's program in April, May or June in 2013, and pass the first course in the program to qualify for the grant. You can find out more information about these programs from

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