Hungover and Regretful

Dear Sam the Student:

There was a party on the weekend and I drank a lot. I also smoked some weed. I don't remember much of what happened, but I think I had sex with a guy. It wasn't supposed to happen, but he kept saying it would be okay. I feel so dirty now. What do I do?

Signed, Hungover and Regretful

Dear Hungover and Regretful:

If you think you've been raped, you need to get to your university health center right away. It may be too late to do a rape kit, but they will be able to offer counsel and advice on how to move forward. Go. Even if you don't think you need to talk to someone, I can almost guarantee it'll help tremendously.

As a side note, guys, if you only do one thing, make it this: listen when a girl says no. No doesn't mean "maybe", "ask me again in half an hour", "well…okay" or anything else, it just means no, no matter how drunk or high the girl is. And for anyone who's going to be drinking at a party, please remember that alcohol lowers your inhibitions and sense of self-control.

Dear Sam the Student:

I'm thinking of trying E at a college party that's happening soon. I know, I know—drugs are bad and I'm supposed to stay away. But my friends keep talking about how awesome it is, and I'm really curious for myself. Is there a safe way to do it?

Signed, My First Time

Dear My First Time:

Everyone's right: drugs are bad, especially Ecstasy. You have no idea what the chemical composition is, and even one pill can kill you. Is curiosity worth ending up in the hospital—or the morgue? Do you really want to risk your entire future for one pill? And let's say you get hooked—how many employers do you think will hire a drug addict so you can fund your addiction?

But if you're hell-bent on trying it, there are a couple of things you need to know. Do it with a close friend, someone you trust, and expect it to kick in after about 30 minutes. Have lots of water and gum on hand—you'll need both. Don't use other drugs or alcohol with it, as the pill itself will be more than enough to handle on its own. Be prepared to feel wide awake for four to eight hours, followed by a super lousy-feeling crash. And don't leave the space you settled in, no matter how fun you think it'll be to explore a pitch-black forest or go clubbing. Just stay in on your first time.

Really, though, it's better not to try it at all.

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