Most Overrated Degrees of 2013

There's always a lot of news about what constitutes a great degree, but what about degrees that may not be worth it in the end?



Although a degree in law may seem pretty enticing, once you peel back the money layers, becoming a lawyer might just be pretty overrated. The cost of a J.D. from Columbia, one of the top-tiered schools in the United States, can set you back up to a whopping $150,000. Factor in the sheer amount of reading and writing you'd have to do- provided that you're one of the 378 students out of 8,000 who got in, and you may very well hit burnout before your first big payday.


Med school might seem like a surefire bet, and you'd be right- up to a point. If you become a doctor, you've got a job for life and a career you can take anywhere in the world. But that's a big if. If you thought law school was tough to get into, getting accepted into Med School is so grueling, it makes the Marine Corps boot camp week look like a pyjama party. And then once you do get in, get ready to pay upwards of $40,000 a year in tuition alone (never mind other basics, like food and shelter), go without sleep for up to 48 hours, and find the job you'll get after graduation is posted in a small town, not a bustling inner city. Oh, and you can only get into med school once you've completed at least a four-year undergrad degree, meaning even more thousands of dollars of tuition debt.


Perhaps the most overrated degree in this post, psychology is one of the most popular degrees chosen by college and university students, and not in a good way. The huge numbers of students getting a degree in this field means that come graduation time, finding a job will be almost impossible. When employers have 50 resumes on their desks and each one of them is from a psychology grad, you're going to have to have a lot of extra, fancy feature on there to make it stand out. To make your degree worth it, grad school is always an option, but that can mean more time and money, and the heaviest reading and writing load you've ever encountered.

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