New Cutting Edge Master’s Degree in Modeling from Purdue

This week, Purdue University Calumet announced that it was going to debut a new graduate program this August at its Hammond campus. The new degree will teach students modeling, visualization, and simulation. The advanced technology degree will focus on concepts to help develop problem-solving skills based on virtual analysis for work-place issues. The program was approved last spring by the Indiana Commission for Higher Education. It's the first degree of its kind for Indiana.

The interdisciplinary degree will combine different scientific disciplines with technology. Niaz Latif, the dean of the School of Technology at PUC spoke of the new program, saying that it was because of a "critical need to educate and develop professionals who can incorporate advance technologies and collaborate with professionals from other disciplines to solve real-world industrial and societal problems."

For that reason, the degree has to be multi-faceted, looking at ways that students can combine 21st century problems with engineering concepts, virtual realistic, scientific analysis and software. Graduates will gain skills in a range within these areas, but they will also learn some fundamentals about education, healthcare, marketing, and transportation. These are other areas which technology can help improve.

Students will need to have studied science, technology, engineering, medical health care, or business management to prepare for the graduate degree program. PUC's Center for Innovation through Visualization and Simulation (CIVIS) will provide a laboratory for the program. The center comes with cutting edge simulation technology, including 3D visualization and virtual reality. Since its opening in 2009, the center has helped saved more than $30 million in production and operation costs for its industrial clients.

"Students not only will have hands-on experiences in learning these advanced technologies, but also opportunities to apply them to solve real-world problems," said Chenn Zhou, the director at CIVS, who is also a professor and interim associate vice chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies at Purdue.

The new program starts this fall on Monday, August 20th. To read more about this program or to speak to the director, go to

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