Online Master Degree Focusing on Certified Teachers

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette has announced a new program. It may be able to help teachers discover their niche working as instructional specialists. The program begins on August 26th and can be completed in a period of 24 months. Instructional specialists tend to work as consultants that advise teachers, administrators, and other educational professionals about the planning and proper implementation of programs. While many programs focus on recruiting students and getting them more involved with their education, this specific program focuses on getting teachers interested in continuing their education in preparation for new employment opportunities with the state.

Someone within this type of role may have numerous responsibilities. They may budget requests and monitor various expenditures. Other times, they may interpret the regulations and standards for the community and staff of an educational program. They are known for taking the role of the lead teacher, department chair, content coach, or curriculum coordinator within the educational team. After participating in this program, these individuals would also be able to supervise the development of instructional guidelines, regulations, policies, and notices; manage textbook adoption processes, handle the planning and development as well as field testing and evaluation of curriculum, and many other core aspects that are based on the position. Other times, the responsibilities that are associated with the position may depend directly on the type of role that the individual is fulfilling with their educational program or facility that they work for.

The Louisiana Department of Education also recently created the position of instructional coach, which is another form of instructional specialist. University of Louisiana Lafayette's 36 hour program is designed for certified teachers. The program leads to a master's degree in education in curriculum and instruction with an instructional specialist concentration. Successful completion of the coursework also can lead to earning a certification as a Louisiana Department of Education Instructional Coach. Individuals who are interested in applying for this position at some point may want to consider enrolling in this program in order to increase their likelihood for being selected. The responsibilities of the position would likely include some of the core skills and responsibilities listed above, if not others that are more specifically tailored to the position itself.

This option can be an ideal choice for teachers which are seeking to gain more guidance in their professional endeavors or those who are trying to find other areas of the education industry that may match well to their interests and goals. This may also be a suitable option for those who are seeking to continue their education for the next few years, but would like to gain more certifications allowing them to work within the education industry while they continue their studies towards their ideal career in that field. Individuals with questions can get in contact with an advisor or counselor at the university for more information or additional assistance with preparing for the program.


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